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What Like Being in a Sober Living Facility?

It's a good idea to keep your friends close, but your sober living friends even closer. By signing up for any of these Sober Living Austin TX services, you'll be able to chat with other members in person or online, find out what they're doing during the week and on weekends, and connect with people who share the same interests. These services make it easy for you to help keep each other accountable and informed. They are essential tools of recovery.

What are the benefits? 

  1. They make healthy choices, provide assistance with daily health needs that can be overwhelming in recovery. Eating healthy foods is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle but this task can be time consuming and sometimes difficult to complete. Having a aitance  available will prevent meals at non-nutritious restaurants and temptations of unhealthy options you may think are purchased only for convenience & which could increase your workout frequency and overall fitness level.

  2. It will be easier to participate in physical activities and maintain an active lifestyle after completing the treatment in Alcohol rehab Austin TX. Extra time can be used for activities that you enjoy, or workout routines can be scheduled at the time when they are most convenient for you. Sober living  can also help with the necessary items needed for these activities that are not included in an insurance plan such as: a gym membership, athletic shoes, surf waxes, etc .

If you are looking for a sober living facility after alcohol detox Austin Texas, do the right search. Many facilities provide residential housing in the Texas area that is dedicated to providing a drug free lifestyle. It is primary goal to ensure each resident has the opportunity to make positive changes in their life and continue on the road of recovery.

Sober living offer:

- A caring and compassionate staff that offers support, guidance, and education as it relates to addiction and recovery

- A family environment where residents can feel safe sharing their struggles with one another without judgment or criticism; encouraging one another not just during other's darkest hours but all along the way.

- An environment dedicated to creating a positive lifestyle change. Focus on bonding, building trust, and working towards a common goal.

- A comfortable home that is secluded from the outside world (no traffic, stores or businesses). This affords each resident the opportunity to be self-sufficient with no distractions.

- An enclosed yard where residents are free to get fresh air and exercise. The property is fenced in so residents can play on the court safely without having to worry about cars or neighbors watching their every move.

- A beautiful house on a peaceful road where residents can enjoy the outdoors in seclusion without having to walk around town or be bombarded by society's negative messages.

- A clean house with new furniture, TV's, DVD players, computers and internet access. Residents are responsible for the house keeping.

- A variety of activities; individual and group therapy sessions, life skills classes, community activities, AA and NA meeting attendance.

- Counseling sessions with a Licensed Master Addictions Counselor.

- An environment that is conducive to a drug and alcohol addiction recovery. Facility focuses on making positive choices and living sober. The facility offers urgent care and primarily communicates with residents via text messaging, emails or video chat when long distance.

- Transportation services provided if needed.

- A structured environment designed to keep each resident accountable and help them make positive changes in their life while staying sober.

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