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Six Surprising Uses For Common Injectables

Often, when someone talks about getting a cosmetic injection, the images of smoothing forehead wrinkles or plumping lips come to mind. However, as aesthetic medicine continues to rapidly advance, new treatments are being approved for BOTOX®, JUVÉDERM®, and similar injections. To show you there is more than meets the eye with these two common injectables, here are six ways they are making waves in the beauty industry.

Let’s start with a little background information to help clarify what these products are and how they’re currently used. There are two main categories of cosmetic face injectables: neurotoxins and fillers. The two types have a similar goal — improve overall appearance —but they have some key differences.

Neurotoxins are injectable proteins intended to relax certain muscles of the face. The goal is to help soften fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by the contraction of muscles used during facial expressions. While there are different types, BOTOX® is the first and most well-known cosmetic neurotoxin.

Fillers, on the other, hand are gel-like substances used to replace lost volume and enhance facial contours, as well as to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. They are injected below the surface of the skin around the cheekbones, lips, and under the eyes. JUVÉDERM® is a frequently sought-after reversible filler as it has success in treating many areas of the face.

New and exciting uses that may surprise you are those not focused on the face. For instance, injectable fillers are being used in the hands and knees to remove wrinkles. They are even being used to plump up earlobes. As we age, the lobes of our ears may droop, thin, and look damaged. Filler injections help to prevent further stretching and enhance the appearance of older-looking ears.

BOTOX® has also found purpose in other parts of the body. Women with overactive bladders are finding relief after being treated for incontinence and other issues with these injections. Individuals who suffer from a condition causing excessive underarm sweating may also find respite with the neurotoxin as can those with overly sweaty hands and feet.

These are only some of the latest FDA-approved uses. As the medical beauty industry progresses, we will soon see even more restorative innovations with injectables. For further examples of how these cosmetic solutions are enhancing lives, please see the accompanying resource.

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