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Unique Ways To Lose Weight That You Would Not Have Heard Of!

Losing fat can be hard, and many women have to try different things before they see any kind of results. Sometimes people struggle all their life to keep to a healthy weight and go through many a diet. Eating healthier and exercising regularly can help, but for some people it’s not enough, and they need some more options to try. Here are some unique ways to lose weight that you likely would not have heard of.

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Check your thyroid

If you are struggling to lose weight, it could be down to a health problem that you do not know that you have. As well as feeling tired and unhappy, not being able to lose weight is a sign you have a poor metabolism. As this article suggests, a sluggish metabolism is actually a sign of an underactive thyroid which affects 25% of American women. They often don’t even know they have it. Because your glands control your body’s metabolism, having this condition can stop you from losing weight. Go and see your doctor, who will be able to perform a blood test to tell you if it is that. They can then give you a supplement which you can take (unfortunately for the rest of your life) so that you can get your metabolism back to normal. Then you will soon be losing those pesky pounds!

Eat with a male companion

You may be surprised to know this, but eating with a man can often help you to lose weight. If it’s a date, you are shy when eating around them, so you tend to order less. And even in front of male friends, you tend to resort to eating less. A report found that females would cut back by at least 50 calories when eating with a man. Funny enough, men would tend to eat more in front of a woman, rather than their gender. As this article suggests, this is an easy way to lose weight, so make sure you dine with male companions in the future!


Although it can be a challenge, surgery and treatments are sometimes the only option if your weight won’t shift. Most people have heard of liposuction which is a surgery where they reduce excess fat on a woman's body. If you don’t want surgery, there is another option out there. A lot of women haven’t heard of CoolSculpting. It helps you to rid stubborn fat by a nonsurgical fat reduction procedure called Cryolipolysis™.. The cooling method kills cells without having to break any skin. The process only takes a couple of hours and people will not know you have had any treatment. If you have the treatment, you are likely to see results within 12 weeks and can lose around 20% of fat!

If you are struggling to lose weight, there are many options out there for you that you could try. Take a look at these ten fun ways to reduce the fat on your body, and don’t forget, you will get there, in the end, so don’t give up!

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