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The Better Way for Smart, Successful Women to Use Dating Apps, According to Dating Coach Evan Marc Katz

Are you using multiple dating apps but still can't find a spark in your love life?

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz got some advice for you on how to efficiently use these apps to help you find a lasting relationship.

The 2/2/2 Rule by Evan Marc Katz

Dating coach Evan Marc Katz came up with the 2/2/2 rule when he was still single in the early 2000s. While other guys were angling for quick coffee dates and pushing to get laid, Marc Katz opted for a different strategy.

The 2/2/2 rule means two messages on the dating site, two emails, and two phone calls before a date.

This strategy has helped so many women in only a few months. One of Katz's clients even suggested he do a TEDx talk about it in 2014.

This rule is similar to the principle behind Love U, a dating and relationship coaching program created by Evan Marc Katz: you are the CEO, and men are the interns.

The Modified 2/2/2 Rule

Since technology is evolving and some individuals are no longer interested in dating sites and are more into using apps, dating coach Evan Marc Katz has modified the 2/2/2 rule to suit modern dating apps.

Here are his pointers for efficiently using dating apps:

Screen In, Not Out

A dating app is similar to an online search engine. You're mainly staring at faces and appraising individuals based on their attractiveness.

According to statistics, women reject 95% of males who swipe left. Most women like men whose appearance is rated as 9s and 10s.

You'll be better positioned to find a relationship if you open up to the 7s.

"Screening in" means you should also open yourself to average-looking men. Don't only go for the GQ guys everyone goes for because it only repeats the situation.

The objective of this advice is to:

  • Screen in and give chances to more people
  • Allow yourself to meet good men
  • Avoid choosing the same type of guy with the wrong qualities
  • Get yourself a good partner and eventually find lasting love

Screen Out Based on Effort

After you screen in based on appearance and give men a chance, you now screen out your candidates based on effort.

Pay attention to how these men make an effort and show up to you. Just because someone is cute does not mean he has a free pass to send you a one-sentence message and then leave.

With the right encouragement, there's a man who will try harder. You have to see how much effort a guy will put in over a few days or weeks to earn the right to take you out.

If you don't have a screening mechanism, you'll find yourself messaging several guys or going on a bunch of dates with utter strangers. You let a man off the hook since you didn't do anything to see if he would make an effort.

Schedule a Phone Call

Your first date should be over a phone call. You may do it over FaceTime, Zoom, or any other video conference app.

Consider how fantastic your first date will be in person if you can do this for half an hour or more where it's simply effortless, enjoyable, and organic.

You should know that if one date works out, there will be another. Take your time, and don't dive right in. By doing this, you spend less time meeting every guy in person only to be disappointed.

Fewer bad dates may not guarantee a connection, but isn't it better to have one date with someone you're excited to meet on a Friday night than have four blind coffee dates back to back?

What If It Still Doesn't Work Out?

If you have tried to do the things mentioned above and it still doesn't build up any momentum, you have to realize that this is the entire process of being the CEO. It is just another intern who doesn't care enough about the work.

Let that person leave and concentrate on the men who put in more effort.

This advice may appear to be old school. But, if you're dissatisfied with your current dating state, you have to get guys to put in more effort to treat you better. If you let them get away with everything, they'll keep doing it.

So speak up for yourself and show men how to respect you as a woman. More importantly, see who steps up to the plate and who is ready for a committed relationship.

Bottom Line

While dating apps make dating easier nowadays, the downside is that women tend to look endlessly for potential partners.

But if you use these apps efficiently, you may find lasting love, which can even lead to marriage.

If you are looking for a boyfriend and eventually become a success story of a happily married life, sign up with Love U. Love U is a fantastic dating coaching program that will help you discover the secrets of understanding men and healthy relationships.

Evan Marc Katz is a personal trainer for smart, successful women who deserve a committed relationship. Aside from helping singles gain confidence and find love, he also guides women in making healthy and informed choices in love.

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