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Surrogacy Services: What You Need To Know

Surrogacy allows thousands of people around the world to experience the joys of parenting. It gives hope to those who might otherwise never know parenthood. Surrogacy services now have a great variety. Surrogacy comes in two forms: traditional and gestational. Although they are similar, there are distinct differences between them. There is also IVF treatment through egg donation, surrogacy services for cancer patients, HIV-infected persons, LGBT community, etc.

Each country has its own legal framework for surrogacy. While there are many similarities across countries, each one also has its own unique rules and regulations. Sometimes the changes are so dramatic that it is hard to know how you got from point A to point B. World Center of Baby manages a comprehensive database that monitors legislative and judicial activity around the world, along with relevant research. Analytics and personal experience indicate what countries provide the most successful surrogacy services.

Countries where surrogacy services are most available

Bureaucratic nuances can be found anywhere in a country. Therefore, one must study the market thoroughly no matter how clear it seems at first glance. That's why it makes sense to entrust this task to professionals.

WCOB has researched and identified the most favorable countries for offering surrogacy services. Cyprus, Mexico, Georgia and Colombia are among them—and some U.S states offer excellent options as well.

●    Cyprus

In Cyprus, assisted reproduction is legal for both heterosexual and gay couples. Its convenient location makes it a popular destination with medical tourists from around the world—they can enjoy excellent procedures at reasonable prices in a beautiful island nation!

●    Mexico

In addition to access to safe and legal surrogacy services, parents who choose Mexico as the site of their family building can apply for a Mexican passport for their child.

●    Georgia

Since laws allowing surrogacy were enacted in the 1990s, there has been a boom in professional clinics that offer safe and legal surrogate services.

●    Colombia

The people of this sunny country are extremely hospitable to all couples and single future parents. They do not discriminate against anyone who wants a child, nor will they give you any problems throughout the surrogacy journey.

●    USA

Despite the fact that laws governing surrogacy in the United States vary dramatically from state to state, it remains one of the most popular places for this practice. The reason is simple: high-qualified professionals with extensive experience provide these services.

Therefore, if you decide to go the surrogacy route, be sure to choose a country whose laws and practices are favorable toward intended parents. And make sure that you work with professionals who can guide you through all of the legal issues so that your children will have the best chance at life.

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