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Summer Style: Curls, Bangs and Bobs, the Latest Hair Trends

Hair trends change regularly and are just as important as the ever-changing fashion world and styles that are favoured by fashion enthusiasts across the world. The 2013 season has been no different and there are some entirely new styles and different takes on favoured looks.

The looks are being fully embraced by the hair world and even the best hairdressers in Birmingham are transforming the looks of women with the most up to date hairstyles.

Keep it Straight

Poker straight locks have always been a popular look, with the hair straightener being a favourite tool for so many, men and women alike. A sleek look is professional, smart and combined with a side parting gives a look of sophistication and elegance.

The Wet Look

Natural hair is also big this season, with it appearing as though you have just got out of the shower. Hair is pulled away from the face and has a natural tousled and wet appearance.

Think Big

Big, volumised hair that screams health and is the epitome of good hair is a key trend. The bigger the better, take your look from day to night by sporting a low key look in the day and make it big for a big night out.

Keep it Low

Up dos are just as important and a low positioned bun is the ideal look for the office, a formal occasion and the ideal resolution to a bad hair day. Positioned at the nape of the neck, the bun is neat, the rest of the hair sleek with a perfect middle parting.

Keep it Low and Long

As with buns, ponytails are worn in much the same way. Keep it neat and tidy and low for the professional and sophisticated look perfect for day or night.

Back with a Bang

Bangs and fringes are back. If you aren’t brave enough to take on a complete new look then start with a side swept choppy fringe that can be clipped back easily or made into a new statement.

Printed Headscarf’s

The cut, colour and style of the hair is not the only focus. The accessories that we add to our hair are just as important to showcase true style. adding a pretty printed headscarf can cover a bad hair day, add some casual glamour and make your hair versatile.

Low Maintenance

Keep it big but keep it natural. A look that appears to have been created effortlessly and in a short space of time is the epitome of laid back and casual style.

Wear it Wavy

Carefree kinks and curls are another example of the casual and relaxed style to wear the hair this season. Let your hair be natural, big and beautiful.

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