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Men’s Style: Tips to a More Polished Look

So, your ready to kick your style up a bit. You’ve bought the stylish clothes, but something is still missing. You are missing those details that set well polished men apart. You may be wondering how two guys wearing the same clothes can be so different. We are going to show you the key factors that will take your look to the next level.


Let’s start with the obvious, personal hygiene. Nothing kills a look more than dirty hair or body odor. Before you put on those ultra stylish clothes, be sure that you are clean. Take a shower, brush your teeth, and floss. These things may seem obvious, but they are must dos and not negotiable.

Personal Grooming

After you are clean and fresh, it time to tackle the grooming aspect of your look. Starting with your hair. Your hair needs to be styled daily. Your haircut needs to be trimmed regularly to keep the style of your hair.

Eyebrows need to be shaped and cleaned up. Your barber should be able to help you maintain them. If you are comfortable, you can have them waxed to shape them. If you aren’t into waxing, you can opt for shaving. This doesn’t mean shaving your eyebrows yourself with the same razor you used to shave your beard. This means that your barber can use a straight razor to clean up the edges, giving them a polished look.

If you have a beard or mustache, these should be combed daily. Yes, that's right, your beard should be combed or brushed. Just like the hair on your head, your beard and mustache can be messed up from sleeping. Your facial hair needs to be trimmed as well. The edges should be shaved to maintain the look of the mustache or beard.

After you have taken care of your hair, add some cologne or scented lotion. The right cologne will have a bigger impact on your overall appearance then you may think.

Accessorize Your Look

Add accessories to your look to really give you a stylized look. Don’t be afraid to add a scarf or leather gloves to your winter look. In the summer or a sunny day, add designer sunglasses.

Another detail is to add a few pieces of jewelry. You don't want to overdo this, though. A diamond watch is always in style. A long, blingy necklace is not, however. Choose sleek looking jewelry that don’t over power the look.

Posture and Confidence

Your look is not complete without good posture and high confidence. Stand tall with your back and shoulders upright, not slumped over. Be confident. You have the perfect, polished look. Wear it proudly.

Follow these tips to turn a good look into a great look. The small details are so important to completing your look. Start with hygiene and grooming, then add accessories to set the look apart from others. Remember, to add a fragrance to finish the look off. All of these tips will help you to be a well polished man.

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