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Holiday Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for Women

The holiday season is full of parties, gatherings and get togethers with family and friends. You will undoubtedly have to wear multiple festive outfits for these events. When getting ready, keep these tips in mind regarding holiday fashion do’s and don’ts.

Do wear statement jewelry. Choose a piece of jewelry that will stand out to make your outfit complete. You may choose to wear a sparkly cocktail ring, a long necklace, bangle bracelets or chandelier earrings. Any of these items will help to make sure your outfit stands out as a whole.

Don’t overdo it. Only choose one piece of jewelry as the focal point of your outfit or ensemble. You do not want to have too many large, unique pieces on you at once. Wearing too much jewelry will result in each piece competing for attention instead of blending together and complimenting one another.

Do wear light, fresh makeup for a fresh winter glow. Keeping your makeup simple will help you to have a natural beauty that people will notice. Choose a light, brightening powder and apply it to your cheekbones and under your eyes to lighten up you face. Also, keep shadows light. You can even add a pop of color on your lips with a red or burgundy hue.

Do not wear dark, heavy makeup. While you can choose a dark lip, the darkness should stop there. Avoid applying heavy layers of dark eye shadows, liners and mascaras that can make your eyes look sunken. Also, stay away from using too much blush or bronzer that can look artificial and unnatural.

Festive Wear
Do: Dress for the holiday season. It is wonderful to be festive in your clothing and accessory choices. Add some holiday glam by wearing red and green or even painting your nails in holiday colors. Some nail technicians can even paint on a cute snowman or candy cane to show your holiday spirit! Also, if your party has a theme, be sure to dress accordingly. For example, some parties have an ugly holiday sweater theme, and so your outfit should be much different in regards to holiday spirit as opposed to a fancy cocktail party!

Don’t go overboard with the holiday theme. While it is nice to incorporate the theme into your outfit with subtle hints, keep it classic. Unless you are going to a fun, hilariously themed ugly sweater party, you should not be wearing bold prints or images. Leave the tinsel and ornaments on the tree!

These tips will help you to properly prepare for the holiday party season to ensure that you are dressed your very best for any and all events. Be sure to keep jewelry and accessories minimal, but use one eye catching statement piece. Also, keep makeup light and natural instead of dark and heavy for a fresh look. Finally, be sure to incorporate some holiday spirit into your attire, but do so appropriately depending on the type of event or the theme. For example, you can buy an ugly Christmas sweater for an ugly sweater themed party. Finally, the best accessory is a smile, so relax, and enjoy time wit family and friends for a wonderful, memorable holiday season!

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