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Fat Burning Tricks

Wouldn't it be great to not need to go the gym? That might sound funny coming within an article about health and fitness but let's face it, sometimes we just don't have the proper amount of time to hit the gym. Parents are typically first and foremost in this group of people that need to exercise, know they need to exercise, but have an almost impossibly busy schedule that makes actually working out an arrangement nightmare.

So instead of constantly trying to re-arrange the entire world you should instead focus on finding extra ways each day to burn some extra calories. Yes, you still want to find time for the gym or your fitness routine because these additions are not a workout replacement. But doing them consistently will give you another edge in the constant battle against becoming out of shape as you get older.

Extra Calorie Kickers

  • Use Breaks and Lunches to Walk - Far too many people skip breaks and work through lunches. Ironically, smokers are one of the most stalwart groups about getting their required breaks and going outside. You should be getting two breaks a day plus lunch so make the most of them. Pack a piece of fruit or a granola bar for snacks and head outside for a brisk walk. This actually makes you a more productive worker because sunlight improves your mood, fresh air helps with brain functions, and taking a break from work increases your mental focus. If your building has stairs then make sure to use them.
  • Do Chores Faster - Nobody really likes chores anyway so you might as well get them done faster and burn some extra calories as well. Jog up the stairs with that laundry basket, power walk when mowing the lawn, and try speed mopping to get things moving! Not only do you have more time for fun but you feel better multitasking!
  • Play with Your Kids - This should be a no-brainer. Aside from the relationship benefits of regular playtime, it is also really fun and a great way to relieve stress. Go outside and practice a sport, take a bike ride, play tag, have a tickle fight, or turn on the Wii (or other motion controlled game system) and challenge your kids to games.
  • Assist with Sports - One job for many parents is playing chauffer to kids for sporting events. Offer to help out with warm-ups and during practice. Running around and participating is a great way to burn some extra calories and help out your child.
  • Chew Gum - You can burn up to 11 more calories per hour just chewing gum. Find some naturally sweetened gum and start working your way to more burned calories in a day.
Really anything you can do to move more or sit less means that a greater number of calories are being burned. So look at everything you do in a day and try and figure out what areas can be made more active, then make it happen!

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