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Top 6 Drinks Found to Help You Lose More Weight

Beverages are inevitable in life because our bodies contain up to 90% fluids. However, problems arise when people make the wrong choice of drinks and we have to acknowledge that the most tempting beverages are often unhealthy. People love drinking, but the tendency is to drink a lot of unhealthy beverages that just contribute to a bigger belly or heavier weight. The most common beverages that... ❯❯❯

Diet Glasses: The Future of Weight Loss?

If your eyes are bigger than your stomach, then perhaps the best way around this, is to make your food look bigger. Japanese researchers at the University of Tokyo, have recently hit upon a way to make food look bigger than it actually is, in order to make people feel fuller after eating less. Nothing can replace exercise and a diet with low fat and low sugar foods, for losing weight.  However... ❯❯❯